He Climbed Mount Everest In Shorts

wim hof in ice water

Science cant quite figure this guy out. Some call him a freak of nature. But this man, by the name of Wim Hof, is a Dutch man who has trained his body to withstand extreme cold temperatures. Wim began training himself after the death of his first wife, which gave him the motive to become an extreme athlete. He now trains individuals who seek him out in order to learn what he calls the Wim Hof Method or WHM. Through his achievements, he has gained the well-deserved nickname of Iceman.

wim hof in ice

Wim Hof is known for achieving a number of records in cold temperature environments. In his prime he set records for the longest distance swam under ice (188 feet), he ran a half-marathon on ice and snow barefoot, and set the world record time for the longest full-body exposure to ice (1 hour, 53 minutes), he hiked Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts, and he also hiked up Mount Everest in shorts but had to stop before reaching the summit due to a recurring issue with his foot. Sounds crazy, right? Well, to top it off, and prove that his method of willpower works, he was once injected with a dead strain of E. Coli bacteria, which would normally cause a response from the immune system and leave you feeling sick for days. However, Wim Hof, along with 12 of his students who also participated, were able to control the responses of their bodies and they did not get sick. They proved that it is possible for the mind to control the body in this way. Wim Hof is pretty much a real life superhero.

Here is a video about him: