Wild Water Canyon

Whether it be a rushing stream, or the sweet smell of fresh air, there is something undeniably different about the great outdoors. Even with the ever expanding massive web of society that covers our planet, there is much about it we, as humans, have yet to discover. New things are constantly brought into light, likewise, that is the purpose of today’s blog. To bring to you some new knowledge or discovery. What the following words hold will not likely be new to the entire world, but the goal I have in mind is to provide something new for you.

This weeks particular subject highlights a beautiful hike down in the farthest reaches of Southern Utah, and while I could surely write out and describe this place, I’d rather just show you. If you look below you’ll find one of my latest YouTube videos that show this place in it’s full beauty. It’s name is Water Canyon.

My hike that day was amazing, the air was clear and the temperature was just right. It might not have gone exactly as planned, but every good adventure has it’s wild moments.