The 1%

Wanting to improve is instilled in many of our souls. But often times discouragement comes when we try to better ourselves. There are countless resources available to help us, so much so, that the task of just learning how to improve tends to become confusing.  One of the things that I’ve come to learn is that sometimes it’s easier to just change one little thing at a time. I’ve heard it said that “you don’t need to change 100% of yourself, if you’re looking for total change, just make 100 one percent changes.” And how true that is.

If you are looking to improve, try to identify just 1 or two small ways that you can really improve upon. Take a simple 5 minutes out of your day to start reading a book, go for a short walk each day, or just take a few moments to sit still and relax. These things are very easy and can be done by anyone, and in the long run, you’ll start to see how much these little changes change the way you live.

Don’t believe me yet? Check out this video that I’ve shared down below. Watch as this man as he goes day by day doing just a couple small things. He didn’t notice immediately but over time, his small actions had large consequences. It’s important to do those small things correctly, so that you can improve the big things.

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