The Falling Man Petroglyphs

Where is it?

Located south of Mesquite, Nevada is an area known as Whitney Pockets. There, beautiful white and red sandstone deposits rise out of the otherwise bleak desert basin. It is a seemingly popular site for recreation and is often populated by campers, RVs, and ATVs. A short distance from Whitney Pockets is the trail head for the Falling Man Petroglyphs. The trail follows a drop in the terrain where mounds of more colorful sandstone can be found. Scattered among these mounds are numerous faces of rock that are covered in native american petroglyphs.


Don’t Miss It

It is a surprisingly beautiful area that cannot be seen or fully appreciated from the road or even from these few pictures. From the trail head itself there isn’t much to see. But its looks are deceiving. It is certainly worth a trip!

The Falling Man

One prominent petroglyph, the one for which this trail is named, depicts a man falling. This glyph is unique for that and because it is by itself, unlike many petroglyphs which are grouped together. Perhaps it marks the location where an unfortunate native american met his demise.

Here are some of our favorite pictures:

DSCN0710 (2).JPG

Colorful Sandstone (Above)

The rocks themselves are littered with color. It’s like walking on a rainbow. Various shades of white, red, yellow, and even some hints of blue and purple.

What to expect

Many of the petroglyphs are not marked, so it requires a little exploration to find them! This trail is certainly recommended to anyone passing through Mesquite. Plan on little to no shade. Bring plenty of water and a hat or sunscreen! One can spend between 1-3 hours here depending on how much hiking/exploring they’d like to do.

Comment below with any questions on how to get there or to share your experience if you have been!