A Vicious Sport

Down hill ice skaters

All of us have heard of things like skydiving and bungee jumping. Outlandish sports that most people would rather avoid due to how extreme they are. But those two sports are just the top of the barrel, Have you ever heard of an event called “Crashed Ice”. I’ve never been to an event and I’ll definitely never participate in one, but from what I have seen, this event is every bit as wild as jumping out of a plane.

The name fits it perfectly. “Crashed Ice”. Simply put, it’s a mad dash between competitors down a steep, icy track, in order to be the first across the finish line. But if I’m being honest, that doesn’t quite do it justice. As you watch the racers speed toward the finish it’s easy to wonder how they make it down in one peace. Each portion of the track offers crazy turns, drops and different terrain. And if that’s not enough, there are always 4 people on the narrow track. One article I found online even called it “The most vicious winter sport”

Crashed Ice Starting of the race

I’ve included a trailer on this page to help introduce you to the sport, but before I wrap up this writing portion, I feel like I need to tie this in to life somehow, after all, that seems to be the general theme of each of these blogs. Compare these crazy downhill skaters to your own life for a second. Each portion of your life will carry new challenges, just as these tracks do. It can seem daunting, but the best part about this is that as long as you are racing, you are progressing toward the finish line. It’s a down hill ice race, haha, that means if you fall, you keep sliding forward. I’d submit that life is just like that, falls don’t mean it’s over, nor do they mean you’ve been stopped. They are simply an opportunity to get back up and keep moving forward.

Realize that you never stop progressing unless you give up the race. Everybody falls, in fact, if you watch these skaters, you’ll soon find that even the best of the best have their fair share of mess ups. They have fallen down, many, many times. But they always get back up. Be like the skaters, make life your passion and never quit.