Welcome to the Best Sport of Your Life

“For those who are looking for the thrill of danger, want to look cool and are down for an epic adventure, you might be interested in Tricking.” Recently, one of our subscribers, Keith Grover, sent in a short story with this amazing first line. I my self have never heard of this sport, but with a little research and help from Keith’s submission I have quickly become a fan of this awesome sport. Keith goes on to say “To those who really haven't heard the name, tricking is a sport where one does a series of various flips, using momentum from one flip to fuel the next.” And take it from me, it is pretty wild. I don’t think any amount of words could ever really do this sport justice, so I’ve placed a video on this page so you can see what this really is. I’m sure by the end of the video you may share the same thoughts as Keith’s last line: “If anyone is looking for a way to boost up how cool they can be, look up tricking. You would make Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Matt Damon, and Peter Vidmar proud.”