How To Get Lost In 6 Easy Steps

1. Find Somewhere You Have Never Been Before.

paper map

Look on paper map for a place with immense space and no people. Avoid searches on the internet. Do not predetermine your destination, but make it your goal to end up somewhere in that region of wilderness.

2. Burn The Map And Destroy Your Phone

a lighter

You wont be needing them anymore.

3. Leave


Do not tell anyone you are leaving. Avoid telling anyone about your intentions. Preferably, leave at a time that you normally do during the day so no one suspects anything.

4. Ditch your vehicle


Car, truck, motorcycle, or bike, its got to go. Depending on where you go, try rolling it off a cliff or driving into a lake. Best scenario = it rolls off a cliff into a lake.

5. Wait Until Dark


Once the sun is gone, it will be much easier to loose all sense of direction.

6. Walk as far as you can


Sleep when you need to, but avoid staying in the same place for too long. Keep going. Remember that it can take up to a day or two until you are totally lost. However long it takes, once you are completely disoriented and unfamiliar with your surroundings, you can accept the fact that you are now 100% lost.

Congratulations! You are now lost. Do not regret your decision at this point. It is too late to change anything.

Disclaimer: Get lost at your own risk.