Adventure Loves Company

Getting out and doing things outdoors is a great way to spend time with friends. Be it sports on a field, in the water, walking, hiking, climbing, or whatever it be, it is awesome to have someone else there to share the experience with you. Often times there are opportunities for either laughs, deep conversations, bonding, or all of the above.

Cade and Kyle

Cade and Kyle

Adventuring with others creates unforgettable memories.

One thing I have always enjoyed about being out with other people is the opportunity to talk. I have spent many hours under the stars, in a tent, and on a trail conversing with other people about a variety of topics. These topics are fascinating, and regular me never would have even thought to concern myself with them. It is as if there is some element of the wilderness that provokes deep thought and contemplation. Perhaps it is the temporary break from everyday life, or perhaps it is something more. Either way, I have never regretted it.

So before embarking on your next adventure, remember that adventure loves company. Take a friend, a colleague, or a significant other. Take someone who enjoys the outdoors too.

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