Many times we see adventurers depicted as Indiana-Jones-type characters in Indiana-Jones-type situations doing Indiana-Jones-type things. What I mean is adventurers are often thought of as individuals who perform incredible feats in extreme places or settings all while beating enormous odds and narrowly escaping death. Be it in the jungles of South America, the peaks of the Himalayas, or even outer space. Not all adventurers are like that, nor are all adventures. Life is its own adventure. We experience adventure every day. The future is full of many unknowns, and often we are subject to work through those unknowns when they arrive.

Just like Indiana Jones or any other adventurous protagonist, we press through our own challenges, even when the odds are against us. We do it because we know what the end goal is. Our own sunken treasure, our own lost civilization, our own rescued princess, so to speak. We can succeed at life even when we do not know how it will work out. We have a tremendous capacity to do so.

cactus flower

Press on, shine through, take a leap of faith. You are an adventurer and the adventure lies before you.