New Perspectives

Part of being an adventurer is seeing things that you haven’t seen before. Seeking new and exciting things is one of our many motivators. If you have the chance in your area, climb a mountain to its peak and look down to where your house is. Or, if you ever have the chance, take a ride in an airplane over the place where you live. It is humbling to see how small your home is compared to its surrounding area. It can help you appreciate the bigger picture of things, and realize just how small and insignificant our daily worries can become.

ivins from an airplane

Seeing things from a new perspective changes our overall view of that thing. It sheds new light on the subject and allows it to be viewed from a new angle. This new view can also be quite spectacular, as seen in these photos.

Sand hollow from a plane
zions from a plane

So, for Thoughtful Thursday, remember to look at the bigger picture. Remember that most of our daily struggles may not be as large as thought before. For more airplane views, check out our video below!

A quick clip showing the beauty of Southern Utah from a birds eye view!

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