Simple Power - Why Trains are the Coolest

Take a look around you, Do you realize the marvels that surround you. Our lives are filled with things we take for granted. I’m sure I don’t need to lecture you, but I would like to point out one of the things that I myself have come to appreciate and love. TRAINS. You read correctly, I think trains are some of the coolest thing’s mankind has ever invented.


In the town I grew up in I never saw trains much, but the times I did, I was always in awe. It was impossible to me how the trains could pull such heavy loads. I recall one of the first times I even saw a train, it seemed to stretch on and on with no end, yet it moved forward. As I watched it pass I realized that ever cart I saw held some sort of cargo. The whole caravan with a single goal. To get from one place, to another.  A simple goal, yet a magnificent method.

I know this blog is not very long today, but there is something to be learned in these few paragraphs. Just like the train, sometimes we have little, simple, day-to-day goals. But we can choose to do them efficiently and with determination or sluggishly and void of energy. At times we can feel bogged down, but I don’t think we truly realize the truly amazing load we are pulling. If you are moving forward, even if you are just chugging along like a train, you are still spectacular, and I guarantee that there is someone out there looking at you the way I look at trains. So keep on-a chuggin!