The Unknown Arch

Part of being an adventurer to me means finding and seeing things that are known to a privileged few. Just like this unique arch, that lies in the secluded desert mountains of Southeast Nevada.

DSCN0749 (2).JPG

Following long, old, dirt roads has been exciting to me since I was young. My dad is credited for this, being an enthusiast himself. The mystery surrounding an old unpaved road is intriguing. Being unmarked or labeled, and stretching beyond the terrain in view, one can only wonder who created it, why it was made, and what it may lead to. This particular time, my dad and I were on ATVs near Lake Mead, Nevada. Many of the roads we encounter in this area are old and washed out from rain. So traveling on many of them requires a vehicle with off-road capabilities. We came across a turn from the main path we were following and noticed it lead up a nearby mountain. Making the turn, we soon reached the foot of this tall desert mount. The road became steep and rocky. Several times we considered turning around or even continuing on foot, but with extra effort our ATVs made the climb. Upon arriving near the summit, we discovered that the trail simply ended in a flat area overlooking the entire valley.

DSCN0763 (2).JPG

Beautiful sandstone of various shapes and colors lined the slope leading down to the rocky valley below. It was an impressive view, but what caught our attention was what sat behind us, overlooking the majesty that rested before us. An arch, of seemingly atypical formation, sat silently on its sandstone throne, atop this looming mountain. It was certainly a surprise. No signs had lead us there, no map, not anything. We had discovered an anonymous gem of the desert. It was the kind of thing that motivated us to be there in the first place: adventure and the thrill of discovery.

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